Hairdresser in Darwin

Hairdresser in darwin

    Darwin • since 2019

    Color & Cut fix special hairdresser in Darwin

    Colour and cut correction is not something that should be messed around with, also It’s very hard to find fixing

    hairdresser in Darwin.

    Crystal have specialist correction knowledge so she can find the best solution for your head of hair, also she is a magician of colour. we are only one approved stockists A.Ç

    hairdresser in Darwin.

    Crystal can create over 1000 natural colours just for you. Get the best hair colour at the

    best hairdresser in Darwin.

    darwin • since 2019

    organic scalp treatments

    Discover the Crystal hair range of hair and scalp treatments to target concerns head on for healthy, well-balanced results. We have soo many lovely regular customer for scalp treatment now.

    Our client told us, “I’ve never get service like this from another

    hairdresser in darwin”.

    Create a dedicated ritual that incorporates a dry scalp treatment for reduced dandruff, sensitivity and oiliness, and a leave-in hair treatment to stimulate hair growth, density and resistance, for energised strands with maximised shine.

    Not now then when?
    Try the best scalp treatment in Darwin city. Only available at

    Crystal Hair Clinic hairdresser in Darwin city.



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    Darwin • since 2019
    darwin • since 2019


    Crystal is a chief hairdresser of CRYSTAL HAIR CLINIC, has had more than 20 year experience in South Korea, Japan and Sydney. Now she has opened brand of her’s name

    hairdresser in darwin.

    Being awarded Beauty Grand Prix many years, she has been recognised as the best expert in the world. Crystal’s hair treatment is very well known and famous.

    Try the best hairdresser in Darwin.
    Try the difference!

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    crystal hair clinic
    Hairdresser in darwin | News letter

    Get a shiny, satin-soft hair with the best hair products with CHC team.
    the best hairdresser in Darwin that will transform your look. Follow us!

      They said

      Beautiful results

      I received exactly the haircut I wanted, with professional, personable service. Will definitely go back. Thanks!
      Penny Hart ● Florist

      Fixed Color Professional

      Very Professional and helpful, I have been to crystal twice now she goes above and beyond to help my mess i made of trying to dye it myself. She will reccommend what she thinks so it doesn't damage your hair. i have had 2 different transformations and have been impressed both times. Very friendly and is always up for a conversation. I am very happy with how my hair turned out and she will give you a good price. Thanks Crystal!!
      Josie Purcell ● Creator

      Master stylist

      Have been to Crystals three time now, very happy with my new style haircut, made to feel very welcomed on arrival, Crystal also takes walk-ins without an appointment Getting lots of comments about my hair cut.. Definitely recommend Crystal ... in the Voyager mall in the city
      Annette Brown ● Actor

      Hair Treatment

      I’ve been going blonde for a while now and have pretty badly damaged hair, I had a treatment and crystal also gave me an amazing scalp massage. Would definitely recommend to head over and see her in smith street mall.
      Geraldine Poet Murdoch ● Designer

      Extremely professional

      Crystal & her assistant are both extremely professional & friendly. Their work is of exceptionally high quality and Crystal goes above and beyond to give what you want. I walked out of that salon feeling fresh, light and vibrant with hair a gorgeous new cut & colour. The salon has a sleek modern vibe and is perfectly clean. Thankyou to you both xx
      Jme Waterman ● Singer