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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Crystal hair clinic

updated 23 / feb / 2022


Policies & Procedures guide us on how we can best serve you and articulate how you can assist us to continue to provide excellent service to you.


Crystal Hair Clinic - Policies & Procedures ver 1.0

All clients are required to pay a $50 security deposit via credit card to secure their appointment.

When booking online, all clients are required to pay a $50 deposit via credit card/Paypal.

Deposits are the way to secure your appointment, the funds sit on your account and appear as a deduction from your bill at the end of your appointment.

Deposits may be requested of existing clients if they have missed an appointment without providing the required notice period for cancellation

Regrettably, deposits are forfeited if you do not supply us with the required notice period for a reschedule or cancellation.  The minimum notice period is 24 hours but can be 48 hours if your service is longer than 1 hour. Check with our reception team.

Cashless and contactless payments are safer.

Card processing fees incur a fee and will be automatically calculated and added to the total service bill at point of sale by the credit card terminal as follows:

  • 1.5% + gst

These charges will appear on your credit card receipt, and are compliant with ACCC regulations.  All costs include GST and will be assessed annually. We don’t charge more than it costs!

We are quite particular about running on time, according to the schedule.

Running late impacts everyone – you, our team and everyone who comes in after you.

However, we are aware that life can get in the way, and running late is unavoidable for you and even our team. For this reason, we promise to try and call you well in advance of your appointment should we envisage running more than 15 minutes late. It’s always a good idea to let us know if you have time constraints ie need to leave at a specific time, at the time of booking. We can place an alert on your appointment so we are all aware of your requirements.

If you are running late, please call us as soon as possible. If you are running more than 15 minutes late from the scheduled booking time, then we may have to reschedule your appointment or offer an alternative stylist to complete your service. We will do everything possible to accommodate you but sometimes, we will just have to reschedule your appointment.

In return, we ask that you extend us understanding if our team are running late for your appointment.

To help extend the life of your haircut we offer a complimentary fringe and/or neck trim service as long as it is within 7 days of your last haircut service with us.

We want you to walk out of our doors happy with the service we have provided.

If you are unhappy with the cut we will adjust it, if you are unhappy with the colour we will fix it.  We understand that it may be stressful for you if things aren’t right.  However, we require some flexibility and availability from you to rectify the problem and being angry or unreasonable with us will not resolve the problem any quicker.

In the unlikely event that your cut requires an adjustment please call us within a week of your visit and we will see to it that you leave us happy, free of charge.

If it is your colour that needs adjusting, we need:

  • to see you in person within 3 salon trading days of your appointment, and
  • we require the opportunity to correct and adjust the colour using our stylists and our colour products.

Please do not visit another salon to have the colour changed and expect us to pay for this service.

The complimentary adjustments are limited to the services you had with us originally and the approach to colour you agreed with your stylist during the consultation.

Keratin smoothing treatments always require heat activation (from a blowdryer or irons) to achieve smoothness. If you have any concerns, then please book an appointment so we can show you how to achieve smooth hair.

We do not offer complimentary adjustments for a change of mind.